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Jamie Hauver

I have been working with Jason for about a year and half. At first I was extremey nervous because I had never stepped foot in a gym and had a lot of work to do. Jason has always been super encouraging and very helpful. Because of him, I have so far lost 80 pounds. I feel very lucky to be working with Jason to continue on the road to bettering myself!!!

Anthony Scott

There is so much I can say about Jason. Unfortunately there is not enough time or space to express my gratitude. I'm a pretty built guy. I work my butt of in the gym every time and sooner or later my work out gets stagnant and I can't gain or I don't feel like I'm gaining anything. Just my luck I for the past two years I've been able to rely on Jason, not only to help me switch up my routine to gain mass but he humbly critiques my movements to help me get the BEST results and ALWAYS makes sure my form is correct. Jason's is always approachable and never make some feel like he doesnt have time to show me something. So needless to say I'm very appreciative of Jason's OUTSTANDING personality and EXTENSIVE KNOWLEDGE on building your body the RIGHT WAY!

Rob landon

I cant say enough about how amazing Jason is as a trainer. Not only did he help me lose 180 lbs but also gave me the knowledge base to sustain it afterwards as well. He is by far the best trainer in the area and his online programs are amazingly affordable as well !!

James Pillgreen

Jason has been absolutely instrumental in helping me achieve my goals. Down 28 pounds so far and shrunk from a size 42 pants to 38 and from XXL to XL shirts! According to my last body comp test I am down 38 lbs of fat and gained 10 lbs of lean mass! I utilize his online training service and he tailors my workouts so they fit with my schedule and help produce the results I want to see. If you're thinking about getting a personal trainer either in person or online, look no further, you won't regret the decision!

Tiffany Hamilton

My life would not be what it is today if it wasn't for Jason and his training that he has given me in the past four years. When I has at my heaviest and had it stuck in my head that I would always be that size. He believed in me that I will be a better version of myself. That I will lose the weight, that I will be fit. I was 400 lbs and now I am 259 lbs four years later. And even when I had problems and couldn't make my session, he was and still is by my side making sure that I stay on track with my weight loss. And btw he kicked my butt during training but I got through it stronger every time. I will recommend him to anyone anytime day or night.

Scott Grotsky

Jason has a great ability to keep you motivated while still enjoying working out. He has the knowledge in the gym as well as nutritional plans to get you to your goals. Highly recommended!!