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Online coaching/training is the absolute most flexible and cost effective way for us to reach our goals in this crazy world. We are all busy as hell and life happens. With online coaching/training you get to pick when and where you workout without having to rely on my location and availability. Below are some of the many benefits that online coaching/training offers. 

Upon enrolling you will complete a par-q (fitness questionaire) that will create a virtual profile that I will use to create your fitness program. Medical conditions as well as past or present injuries will be taken into consideration when creating your workout program. Your program will be designed around the information you provide me with. Gym memberships, home gyms, no gym, and minimal equipment will all be taken into consideration as well. After all, you wouldn't want a workout program that involves using expensive gym equipment when you workout at home.


This is a non-issue.  You aren't limited to what matches my availability. You will get your workout in when you want and where you want! The best part is that you still get the benefits of a structured program and ongoing support from a trainer!


Whether you work out in a gym, at home, or the park, we have you covered. Maybe you live too far away or live half way across the country, you can still take advantage of my expertises.


 Flexibility is key! Your workout is designed around you and your lifestyle. It doesn't matter if it's a 60 minute workout, a 30 minute workout or a 15 minute workout broken up throughout the day. You are covered!


You will love this one.  Since this isn't a big corporate gym, you get the benefit of BIG savings!


24/7 Access to your workouts


Daily Progress Check In's

Log and track

Log you reps, sets and update your weight, body fat percentage and other body measurements for easy progress tracking


Upload your progress photo's (Highly recommended)